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Who Me, Worry?

Worry. Such a small word for such an overwhelming state of mind. What is worry? Webster's says is allowing one's mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles. Because that will solve them, right? You are probably shaking your head with me as we agree that worrying never accomplished, corrected, or completed a thing. However, it is something that we all do and some of us do more than others. Worry or rather, anxiety is an insidious time waster. It will occupy your thoughts, ruin your day, cause stress and irritability, gives sleepless nights, and some say, even grey hair.

How do we stop worrying? It isn't easy is it? The first step is to identify that you are actually worrying. Again. Ask yourself if there is anything that you can do about the situation? Will an apology help an argument that you are worried about? Will making payment arrangements about an outstanding bill relieve some anxiety? Will focusing on what feels right about your body instead of what is aching get your mind off your illness briefly? Maybe. One thing is for sure, it feels much better than simply worrying about your problems. Worry is a cognitive trait that leads to sad or negative emotions. We can choose not to worry. Yes, we can. Really. With practice. So, the next time you’re worried about a problem, ask yourself if you can do anything about it. No? Okay, then find something positive to think about and even appreciate. And repeat as necessary until you begin to find that inner peace about the situation that you have no control over. Don't worry! It gets easier with practice.

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