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Spring Cleaning for Emotional Health?

Come spring, many of us look to starting things fresh again in our homes and yards. We pull back the dreariness of winter and sweep away the cobwebs to get ready for springtime. We look forward to blue skies, warmer days, and sweeter nights. Why shouldn’t we do the same with our mental and emotional health? Just as we begin to cook lighter, fresher foods, and bring out our warm weather clothing, we can look for ways to renew and refresh our minds for the upcoming seasonal change with these few suggestions.

1. Get Outside.

Take the dog for a walk. Go look at your yard and decide what need’s sprucing up after the winter. Buy some bulbs and put them in the ground. Sit out on the patio again after a long winter break. Enjoy the sunshine.

2. Grab a New Book.

Pick something inspirational or motivational. A book that will inspire you to make changes or meet new goals. A book that you can sink into and really get something out of it. Shake off the winter doldrums and move forward into new, motivating directions mentally.

3. Spend Time with Friends.

The holidays are over, and people are ready to socialize again. Give that person you haven’t seen in a while a call and meet for lunch or coffee. Have a play date at the park with your families. Take your dogs to the dog park and hang out while they make new buddies too. Spring is a time of regrowth and refreshing for our relationships as well.

4. Revisit your New Year’s Goals.

Did you accomplish any of them? Make progress? Change your mind? That’s okay. Where do you want to go from here? Take a minute to write down your goals for spring and summer. Life is about the journey not the destination so take the time to think about what you want to enjoy or accomplish next.

5. Be Grateful for Another Season.

Another chance to look around and count your blessings and head into spring refreshed, renewed, and positive about your life and the direction you are heading in. Life is what we make it and taking a few minutes to focus on the beautiful skies, trees and plants in bloom, and the world around us waking up to spring is a new opportunity to count our blessings and enjoy our lives a little bit more mindfully.

So, whether you’re cleaning out your closet for spring or getting ready to mow that yard for the first time this season, take a minute to think about spring cleaning your mental and emotional health as well. Head into the new season refreshed and renewed.

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